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Know about SMM Course

Social media is powerful and those who can use it for their benefit are the ones successful today! But ask yourself, is it that easy to take over social media and use it to your advantage?

Certainly not unless you are a master at using all the social media marketing tools paired up with the right strategies that can formulate desired outcomes. But wait! If you aren’t good at it, it is time you enroll in an SMM course offered by the very competent SMM course experts in Lahore Pakistan at Real Web Ideas.

The SMM course training sessions conducted by the renowned SMM course trainers on our team give you in-depth knowledge of the tool and techniques that go into marketing your product/service right using multiple social media platforms.

SMM SMO Course Outline

Get yourself enrolled in the advance digital marketing course

  • Introduction to Social Media Marketing
  • What is Importance of Social Media
  • 6 Most Important Social Network
  • Target of Social Media
  • Social Plans for Individual & For Business
  • What policies need to implement and what Don’t
  • What is Target Audience & Objectives?
  • Competitive Analysis & Research
  • Profile Making & Insert Link
  • Join People & Relevant Group/Audience
  • People Engagement Strategy
  • Divert Traffic & Send Visitors to your Target Web Page
  • Social Media Integration on Your Website
  • Social Media Impact in SEO


  • Basics of Facebook
  • Account Creation
    • Best Image Sizes for Profile, Banners and Posts
  • Business Profile Page Creating
  • Group Creating
  • User Roles Assigning
  • Post Sharing Techniques
  • Paid Campaign
    • Types of Campaign
      • Page Promotion
      • Increase Post Reach
      • Get Website Traffic
      • Get more Messages
      • Get WhatsApp Messages
      • Get more Calls
      • Get more Engagements
  • Facebook Ad Manager


  • Basics of Twitter
  • Account Creation
    • Best Image Sizes for Profile, Banners
  • Following People and Building a Base of Followers
  • Adding Twitter Content
  • Twitter Trends


  • Basics of Pinterest
  • Account Creation
  • Creating Board
  • Creating Pins
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Building your Brand Exposure
  • Pinterest Adverts
  • Posting of Comments


  • Basics of LinkedIn
  • Creating LinkedIn Profile
  • Connections
  • Endorsement
  • Establishing an Effective LinkedIn Network
  • Page Creations
  • Paid Campaign


  • Account Set-up
  • What to post and how regularly
  • Instagram Images that Attract the Right Users
  • Instagram Etiquette
  • Finding your Target Market
  • Building your Followers
  • Dealing with Negative Comments
  • Maximizing Engagement
  • Trends, Keywords, Hashtags
  • Instagram Jargon (AKA, BRB, MYOB, BTW etc.)


  • Course Duration

    3 weeks - (5 days a week)

  • Enroll

    Admission Form

  • Course Outline


  • Fee

    PKR 30,000/-

  • Payment Options

    Pay in Office, Bank Deposit, Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa, PayPal

  • Contact Support

    +92 300 8189123

Become an Expert Social Media Marketer

Looking at the limited opportunities today, one should definitely step into a field with growth prospects and thus, we’d suggest you consider SMM as a career option.

But why do we say so? This is because the internet especially social media gaining power over time, it is opening doors to new opportunities that are up for grabs. From working as a social media page handler to marketing products online, the SMM courses we offer will walk you down the path of success.

At Real Web Ideas, we have the best SMM course trainers who have been providing SMM course training for years now. Moreover, as an SMM course institute in Lahore Pakistan, we make sure you learn about the advanced techniques and tools that will help you master the skill.

What Does Our SMM Courses And Training Include?

Designing the perfect SMM course isn’t easy! Only an expert in the field with valuable knowledge and high expertise can teach you everything from the fundamentals to advance SMM course outlines, covering each aspect cleverly.

Thus, if you’ve failed to find one SMM course that includes every topic in detail, here is your chance to grab a complete outline at Real Web Idea, and SMM course institute in Lahore Pakistan with professional at work. So here is what you will learn:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Using multiple social media tools including Canva, BuzzSumo etc
  • Management of various social media platform like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter etc
  • Build and manage an online community
  • Run paid advertisements

Let us remind you, the SMM course by us is carefully designed to provide essential knowledge that’ll help you develop and polish your SMM skills!

Who Is Eligible For the SMM Course and Training?

There are not many SMM course institutes in Lahore Pakistan that are offering similar courses that teach SMM course modern techniques. And if there are any, either they focus only on admitting beginners or are super expensive.

But as for Real Web Ideas, our SMM course trainers welcome people from all fields and age groups. Whether you are a beginner or a successful business, for us what matters the most is your will to gain knowledge.


Remember, to become an expert you need to have the will to succeed and train under the most knowledgeable SMM course experts who’ll enlighten you with modern techniques and approaches that will ensure you become a successful social media marketer yourself. Saying that, we offer the most affordable SMM courses in Lahore Pakistan so book your slot before we run out of seats!