SEO Penalty Removal Course


Do You Have The Skill?

Have you always loved penning down your thoughts on a piece of paper? Are you an avid book reader with a wild imagination waiting to find its course in the world?

Well, no matter how good are you with words, there is always room for improvement! The content writing course in Lahore Pakistan offered by Real Web Ideas is one of the best in the country. We have content writing experts with vast experience who know their way well through words and surely help you give voice to your thoughts too!

Our content writing course trainers make sure to provide you with a complete guideline that will help you learn all about creating brilliant literary pieces. Even if you consider yourself an expert, we are sure we have ways that still help you improve further.


What Content Writing Course Do we Offer?

Content writing comes natural but for some who is an avid book reader and wishes to learn the skill, we have content writing course trainer who guides you to becoming an expert in the field.

Although there are many companies offering content writing courses/training in Lahore Pakistan what makes Real Web Idea’s courses to be rated amongst the best is the pure dedication of our content writing experts. They’ll teach you from scratch, covering the basics to the advanced content writing course techniques that will help you build a strong portfolio.

If you want to know more about our courses, take a look below the aspects of writing that we cover:

  • Blog writing
  • Correct placement of keywords
  • Understating keyword density and placement
  • Creating web content
  • Amazon affiliate product descriptions
  • Writing an attractive cover letter
  • Ways to land clients and retaining them
  • Conducting in-depth research
  • Difference between on-page and off-page content
  • The basic of meta titles and meta descriptions
  • Use of grammar and plagiarism checkers
  • Experimenting with multiple niches
  • Building a strong portfolio

Eligibility Criteria For Enrolling In The Content Writing Course

Do you know the basic tenses and have good grammar? Do you have the will to learn about things that you do not know about? Also, do you know the basics of using MS Word and Google Docs?

If you have positively replied to the questions above then you are eligible for the content writing course offered by Real Web Ideas. Yes, this is pretty much it! it doesn’t matter who you or what degree do you hold, if you love playing with words and have the will to learn, it is time you polish your skills with our content writing course trainers.

Even if you do not know the fundamental, you can still join us! Our content writing course trainers will guide you through the entire process and push you on the path that leads to a promising content writing journey.

Opportunities Like These Never Come Again

If you are dedicated enough to experiment with something new, let’s take you on an exciting ride that we call content writing. Our content writing course/training sessions are fun and super affordable.

To no doubt, Real Web Ideas is offering one of the best content writing course institutes in Lahore Pakistan. With high compatible experts on board, we ensure to deliver the best course at the most reasonable price. We promise, once you are done with the content writing course training from us, you’ll be an expert proudly handling their blogs and website while enjoying frequent monetary outcomes.

We still have a few slots left so do not let go of this amazing opportunity to learn and expand your expertise because we assure, there is no better institute than us offering a complete content writing course.

SEO Penalty Removal Course Outline

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  • Course Duration

    4 weeks - (3 days a week)

  • Enroll Online

    Admission Form

  • Fee

    PKR 15,000/-

  • Payment Options

    Pay in Office, Bank Deposit, Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa, PayPal

  • Contact Support

    +92 300 8189123