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What Is A PPC Course?

Imagine starting a business and not being able to attract clients to your website that sells high-quality products and services. Sounds sad, right? as much as the scenario may seem sad and unreal, this is what most businesses suffer from!

As the competition is growing today, attracting potential customers online has become difficult. Hence, what can be done? It is time you enroll in PPC courses offered by the best

PPC course institute in Lahore Pakistan, Real Web Ideas!

The PPC course training sessions conducted by our PPC course experts teach you the techniques and tricks to reach your target audience and engage them. The PPC course allows you to expand your business virtually and do better than your competition, a dream every enterprise wished to live!

What Topics Does The PPC Course Cover?

The PPC course training conducted by our PPC course trainers is in every way as good as the expensive courses taught by international PPC course trainers. Our PPC course experts are highly knowledgeable and experienced which allows them to cater to your questions with answers that are easily understandable.

Thus, if you’re looking for the best PPC courses in Lahore Pakistan, here is what our advanced PPC courses offer:

  • Budgeting
  • Campaign search and management
  • Scheduling and keyword research
  • Conversion metrics and tracking
  • Bidding
  • Display ads and targeting audience
  • Implementation of Adword tools

Our PPC courses and training sessions are designed in a way that you gain maximum knowledge. From beginners to experts, we try our best to manage lectures at the same level so when you leave the class, you are can proudly put it to the test!

How Can A PPC Course Help Your Business?

Running an online business, either big or small isn’t easy at all! You need to work hard and understand the complexities that go into running a successful website. When running a website, your only aim should be to target a wider audience and engage it but with the tough competition out there, at times can become impossible.

This where a PPC course offered by Real Web Ideas can come in handy! Our PPC trainers will teach all the basic and advance PPC course techniques that will help you grow. Here is why you need to enroll with us ASAP:

  • You’ll be enjoying quick results
  • Without exhausting your resources you’ll be able to target a wider audience, engage them and generate leads
  • Enhance your online visibility

What Is The Next Step?

There are not many PPC course institutes in Lahore Pakistan where you can enroll in affordable PPC course training sessions. Thus, here at Real Web Ideas, we take pride in offering the best PPC course training in Lahore Pakistan under the finest PPC course experts.

Once you have gained knowledge of how PPC works, the next step is to put your knowledge to use. From here onwards, we promise you’ll be confident with a skill that will help you great a business empire from scratch.

Whatever you will learn here will let you hold complete information about the newest PPC tools and how to implement the right to generate maximum outcomes. This is why we say if you wish to excel in life, a PPC course from Real Web Ideas is what you need to take right now!

PPC Course Outline

Get yourself enrolled in the advance digital marketing course

  • Introduction to Pay Per Clicks (Google AdWords)
  • PPC Metrics
  • Google AdWords Advertising
  • Keyword, Research and Creating Campaign
  • Keywords Types
    • [Exact Match]
    • “Phrase Match”
    • Broad Match
    • +Modified Broad
    • -Negative
  • AdWords Account Creation, Set-up and Campaign Management
  • Google Analytics
  • Keywords
  • Ad Group
  • Ad Network
    • Search Network
    • Display Network
  • Campaign
    • Manual CPC
    • Maximize Impressions
    • Maximize Clicks
    • Maximize Conversion
    • Time Zone
    • Campaign Days Management
    • Campaign Time Management
    • Ad Management
    • Creating Ads
    • Negative Keywords
    • Ad Extension
      • Site-links
      • Callouts
      • Call
      • etc.
    • Dynamic Ads
      • Text
      • Responsive
      • Call Ads
    • Campaign Enabling / Disabling
    • Overview Dashboard
    • Irrelevant Searches Removal


  • Course Duration

    3 weeks - (5 days a week)

  • Enroll Online

    Admission Form

  • Course Outline


  • Fee - PPC Bootcamp

    PKR 40,000/-

    4 hours daily    Monday to Thursday

  • Fee - PPC Course

    PKR 25,000/-

    1:30 hours daily    Monday to Thursday

  • Payment Options

    Pay in Office, Bank Deposit, Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa, PayPal

  • Contact Support

    +92 300 8189123