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Why Is an SEO Course Training Important?

Google amongst all the search engines including Bing, YouTube etc is the most popular one. With millions of users searching for their desired product on the engine through hundreds of websites, how can you reach your target audience successfully?

Through SEO, of course! But SEO isn’t a piece of cake. You need to understand the tools and technicalities that can help your website rank on top on Google hence, enhancing its visibility. An SEO course teaches you to increase your online visibility by improving ranking on the search engine, target audience and engage them.

But where can you find an SEO course online in Lahore Pakistan? Real Web Ideas offers you the most affordable SEO course in Lahore Pakistan delivered by SEO course trainers who are highly compatible in their field.

What SEO Course Training Do We Offer?

This is a shout out to all the business-owning e-commerce stores or a website, it is time you learn more about Search Engine Optimization! SEO courses give you an insight into how to stand out amongst your competition and win potential clients over.

Because the competition is huge today, only the right tools and SEO course modern techniques can help you achieve your goals effectively. Here is what our SEO course experts communicate in their SEO course training sessions:

  • Introduction to search engine optimization
  • How to optimize a website
  • Advanced search engine optimizations (SEO) tools and strategies
  • Researching relevant keywords and their placement
  • Building internal and external links
  • Creating on-page and off-page content

From the fundamentals to the advanced strategies and tools, the SEO course training offered at SEO course institute in Lahore Pakistan, Real Web Ideas covers all the topics that’ll help you succeed!

Who Can Join Us?

You don’t have to be a beginner to enroll yourself in our SEO course expert training sessions. From beginners to expert businessman, we entertain learners from every age group and field because we believe, knowledge has no limits.

We have always welcomed people from different domains with a will to learn to join us. Moreover, we offer affordable and advanced SEO courses to help develop and polish your skills. The SEO course trainers at Real Web Ideas wish to transfer their knowledge to you and watch you utilize it to your best benefits.

For us, it isn’t all about money rather helping our fellow learners to gain ample knowledge that helps them succeed in their field of interest. Yes, SEO courses are difficult but if taught by a true expert like ours, you’ll enjoy them till the very end!

Where To Find Advanced SEO Course Lahore Pakistan That Is Affordable?

Have you already visited multiple companies offering SEO training sessions? Did you find one that is affordable? If not, it is time you contact Real Web Ideas.

We are an SEO course institute in Lahore Pakistan offering super affordable SEO course in the country. But a lower fee doesn’t mean we deliver anything unworthy of acceptance. Our SEO course experts and trainers are one of the best in the country, delivering sessions that are fun too!

Our SEO courses are carefully laid out, covering everything from the basic to the advance so that you become an expert in the field. Yes, through our training sessions, we promise you’ll soon be proudly calling yourself an SEO expert with opportunities lined up for you!

SEO Course Outline

Get yourself enrolled in the advance SEO course

On-Page Optimization:

  1. What is marketing?
  2. SERP & Snippet
  3. What is SEO?
  4. Why SEO is Important?
  5. Why Search Engines are important?
  6. How does a Search Engine works?
  7. When client can see the Results?
  8. Major Google Updates
    1. Google Penguin
    2. Google Panda
    3. Google Hummingbird
    4. Google Pigeon
    5. Google Possum
    6. Google Mobile Gadden
    7. Google Rank Brain
    8. Google Fred
    9. Google Medics
  9. Keyword Stuffing
  10. What is Google Sandbox?
  11. Do-Follow links & No-Follow links
  12. In-bound links & Out-bond links
  13. Internal links & External links
  14. Robots.txt file
  15. SEO Audit
    1. Checking of Backlinks
    2. Existing SEO History
    3. Existing Indexed URLs Detail In Google
  16. Competitors Analysis
  17. Keywords Research & Selection
    1. Keyword Planner
    2. Keyword Competition
    3. Keyword Searches
  18. Keyword Optimization
  19. Keyword Cannibalization
  20. Canonicalization Factor
  21. Redirects (301, 302, 404, 5xx)
  22. Meta Tags Generations
  23. Set Targeted URLs for SEO
    1. Meta Title
    2. Meta Description
    3. Page name (URLs)
  24. Page Heading (H1,H2,H3,H4,H5,H6)
  25. Content
  26. Image alt tags
  27. Bold text
  28. Internal links Importance
  29. XML Sitemap Creations
    1. XML Sitemap Submission in Webmaster
  30. URL Structure Optimization
    1. URL re-writing
      1. HTML websites
      2. Core PHP websites
      3. WordPress websites
      4. etc.
  31. Heading Tag Optimization
  32. Content Optimization (Suggestions)
  33. Anchor Text Optimization
  34. Images Optimization
    1. Title Attribute for Images
    2. Alt Tags Optimization
  35. Internal Link Building on Website Navigation
  36. Target Key-Phrase Prominence
  37. Accessibility of Navigation
  38. On-Page Links Analysis for Targeted Keywords
  39. Google Analytics Setup
  40. Google Webmaster Tool Setup
  41. SEO Reporting
    1. Daily Base Working Report
    2. Weekly Reporting
    3. Monthly Reporting
  42. Daily Working Structure Setting

Off-Page Optimization:

  1. Social Bookmarking
  2. Business Directory Submissions
  3. Classified Ads Posting
  4. Blog Submissions
  5. Web 2.0
  6. Article Submissions
  7. Business Profile Listings
  8. Blog Comments
  9. Forum
  10. Info-graphic Sharing
  11. Image Sharing
  12. Microblogging
  13. Social Sharing
  14. Guest Posting
  15. Search Engine Submissions
  16. Private Blog Networks PBN
  17. Links Wheel


  • Course Duration

    2 months - (5 days a week)

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  • Fee - SEO Bootcamp

    PKR 60,000/-

    6 hours daily    Monday to Friday

  • Fee - SEO Course

    PKR 35,000/-

    1:30 hours daily    Monday to Friday

  • Payment Options

    Pay in Office, Bank Deposit, Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa, PayPal

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